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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hi again..

Wow!! Exactly one year did not post anything on my blog...

Well, being busy with the kids and also in the office. There's alot happening especially in the office and really got no time to post about my lives and also about my kids..

Ok.. will make an effort to post more at least once a week ya....

My dear friends out there, hope you still with me.. :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

GOD's protection on Samuel (Again!!).

Been busy lately and only managed to find some little time to update my blog.

Few weeks ago, Samuel had a minor accident. It was Sunday (04/10) and Samuel wanted to get his plate ready for his dinner. The plate was organised in the closet which also about his eye level. The glass plate was stucked with other plates and not knowingly he pulled the plate out very harshly. Then accident happened; I guess the plate was hit to the side and broke into pieces. Due to the force he used to pulled out that already a broken piece of plate, he cut himself.

There's a cut on his nose and also on his chest. The wound started to bleed badly. Me and hubby quickly pressed the wound with tissue and cotton so that it will stop bleeding. Right after the bleeding stops, I rushed him to the hospital emergency wad. Dr said it's only a minor cut, very superficial cut so no need to stich the wound. Dr just cleaned the wound and "glue" it with some chemical stuff. Went back to review after 5 days and he is fine now.

But the most amazing thing I need to express is that, I am surely feel blessed and see how amazingly GOD had protected Samuel. By looking at the picture, Samuel's spec was cracked due to that inccident. If he didn't wore his spec, i think he might lost his sight. Really PRAISE GOD!!

Now he got a small scar on his nose, but comparing with the eye.... yea...there's nothing more important. Thank you LORD...surely He is the only God who can protect my precious ones.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Genting Highland Trip 2009

We had a great family trip during the school holiday. One night stay in First World Hotel and enjoy the indoor park and site viewing. Even with the H1N1 spreading fast but still taking the risk to go. Well, just follow the MOH instruction guess should be ok. For me, life still depends on God and still have to go on.

Surprisingly that day, Genting not really crowded. I guess may be school just started and also people are scare of H1N1.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Samson's 1st Dentist Visit.

Today Samson had his 1st dentist visit and it's because his 1st new tooth grow right behind his milk teeth. So, had to visit the dentist and pull out the milk teeth; other wise daddy said the new teeth may not be in proper lining when it's fully grown.

Samson was very brave. When the Dr put the Jab in his gum he did not cry at all. He told me that it's painful actually but somehow he did not burst out his tears. He's brave. Really proud of him.

After we left the clinic, I promised to get him an ice cream; so we when to the convenience store and get one. But the Dr said can only eat the ice cream after an hour. So, he had to bring home and fridge it in the freezer and enjoy it later.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Home Made Ice Cream....(yummmmmmy..)

Last week just bought a recipe book from Popular bookstore. It's about making ice cream without the ice cream machine.

So I bought the ingredient and start making the ice cream. 1st ice cream wanna try was chosen by Samuel and Samson; they both wanted the Cookies' n Cream Ice Cream. Making Cookies' n Cream Ice Cream is not easy but result was fantastic.
Than got some ingredient left over, decided to make Pandan Coconut Ice Cream and Butterscotch Ice Cream. My husband loves it so much!! The only thing we found that the ice cream was actually too sweet for us. So, next time I will cut down the castor sugar to half and that should be nicer... Anyone wanna make some order from me??? Hahaha... You are welcome to place your order.

Oh, my boys licked my mixing bowl and i snapped them in photo except Samuel insisted me to delete his "ugly" photo from my camera coz I caught him actually putting his whole face into the bowl and licked the left over...hehehe
They love my cooking so much....;)

Monday, June 8, 2009

A'Famosa 2009

We had a great time at A'Famosa, Melaka during the Agung's birthday public holiday which falled on Saturday. I have booked a family package for a night stay at A'Famosa Hotel Resort on Friday. (Foreseen must be a huge crowd on Sat, so decided to go on Friday)...

Boys enjoyed themselves so much. We went to the Animal World when we reached the place at about noon.

First place we went was the Chicken Farm, and then the animal park, the Bird Show, the Cow Boy Town Show and also the best thing and most enjoyable place is the Safari Tour where we need to go in by a truck. We can see lots of animal run freely and we were just sit inside the truck and enjoy the ride.

Look at all my boys, had to hold their breath while taking this photo. The nature smell is really really strong. My husband ran away coz he couldn't take it. hahaha....
Then about 4pm, we checked in the hotel and had our bath and snacks. Then about 7pm, we continue with our program at the Carnival. The boys had the bump bump car ride; it's their 1st time driving a "car" so they loved it so much. Later, Carnival started at about 8:30pm. Performers performed some shows and of course animals too like Tigers, Orang Hutan, Horses, Birds, Camels, Elephants and etc. I guess the most enjoyable part is that it is our 1st time to see an elephant wee wee and poo poo right in front of us. Elephant poo really as big as a coconut and later a clown actually came out with a bakul and changkul to collect the elephant poo. Finally the show ended with 10 min fire cracker and that's it for the day.

Oh, we drove to Melaka town to have our supper, Satay Celup...

Next morning, we went to Melaka town again and wanted to bring the boys to see the famous building at Melaka but ended up that morning rained when we reach that place. So, we went to eat Chicken Rice Ball which quite famous in Melaka while waiting for the rain to stop.

Yeap, true enough the rain stops and so we went back to that place again but it was too crowded and jamed too, so hubby decided to cancel the plan and way back to KL. We were a bit disappointed but we managed to see the big ships and the church from the car when we passed by that area.

Overall I only enjoy the Bird Show but I'm sure the boys are having lots of fun when they see so many animals which they've got no chance to see it in KL....

Monday, May 18, 2009


One day Samuel saw my very nice lace underwear hang outside. Then he ask me why my underwear got many lubang (holes) and I still wear it... He was with a concern look like wanna to tell me "Mummy, your panties already koyak (spoilt) better don't wear it anymore." Still wondering why I still wear it.. Me, pretend did not hear his question lah coz I really don't know how to answer his question. Maybe someday when I got my answer than I will tell him why... Hahaha...

That day I bought one pack of plastic bags (thin and long one) to make homemade ice-cream. Those ice-creams I use to made at home by filling up ribena, milo and asam and etc when I was very young. They are clean and cheap to consume. My boys love it so much and than Samson starting to ask me to make some more to sell it outside. So I ask him how much I should sell? 20Cents? Then he say no lah, sell at RM1 per stick. Wah!! So expensive leh!!. I told him no one will want to buy the ice-cream from him...Hahaha...